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How Do Optical Illusions Work?


How Do Optical Illusions Work?

What do you see in the picture above? These stable or there is no movement visible is? Is this a video? Or not animated GIF?

Actually this picture is an example of optical illusion This picture is being shared well on the Internet. So far, millions of people have shared it.

Firstly, this picture was shared by neuroscientist Alice Broverb on Twitter. They are experimental psychologists who study how human brain works.

This picture above has been prepared by multimedia artist Ba Dele. In it, a ball appears rotating along a nearby column. But this is not some kind of animation or GIF.

Ellis says that this is a 100 percent static picture, but it has been prepared in such a way that it tricks our brain. From this we feel that it is circulating.

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Turkey gives recordings on Khashoggi’s death to Saudis, US, Britain — Erdogan


Turkey gives recordings on Khashoggi’s death to Saudis, US, Britain — Erdogan


BBC to launch Beyond Fake News project on Nov 12


Rumor or Fake News, when there were no telephone lines in the world, such stories discovered their own path.

But in the present time they spread rapidly through social media.

Years ago, the impact of such news would be limited, but now because of the Internet and chat apps, they have access to the world.


Cyber ​​Law expert Virag Gupta says, “There is a fake identity behind any false news, which is made for any special purpose through fraudulent information.”

He says, “The effect of false news is on lives, it is used as a weapon in politics. This is the reason that political parties are now engaged in creating IT cells.”


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White House: US Vice President Mike Pence wants to meet Indian PM Narendra Modi


Vice President of USA, Mr. Mike Pence would meet Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on his four-nation visit in the next week. Also, according to white house, he will be attending US-ASEAN Summit and East Asia Summit in Singapore.

Indian Festival Deepavali Shopping Items


Indian Festival Deepavali Shopping Items List

Things You Must Have In Your Diwali Shopping List

Artificial News anchor will now read news on TV


China’s official news agency has removed a virtual news anchor in its studio, which would be wearing suit-tie and whose voice sounds like a robot.

Shinhua News Agency claims that these news presenters can read the news in the same way as the professional news reader reads the news. However, not everyone agrees with this news agency.

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World’s first AI news anchor makes China debut

China Big Scary Glass Bridge


This glass bridge is built at a height of 218 meters from the ground, it’s not just about walking on the ground

This bridge spreads between 488 meters between two rocks in the Hangigui Sinic Area. The bridge has remained 218 meters above ground.

Everyone in the world seems afraid of something or something. No matter how brave anybody is, he too must be afraid of something. One of these fears is afraid of height. Many people can not climb the mountain due to height. They are afraid that they will not fall anywhere. But some people like to climb too high for their adventures. In China, a glass bridge has been built, which is considered to be the longest bridge in the world. This bridge stands 218 meters above ground. Therefore, climbing so high and crossing the bridge will not be so easy. Not for those who are afraid of even a little height.

What is the longest bridges in the world?


World’s longest sea bridge opened from Hong Kong to Macau and China

Hong Kong: Bridge connecting Macau with Hong Kong and Zhuhai city of China will eventually be opened for traffic this week. This is the longest sea bridge. It is being opened after nine years of construction. The construction of this bridge has cost $ 20 billion. According to CNN’s Monday report, China’s President Xi Jinping is expected to attend the ceremony in Zhuhai on Tuesday. The top executives of Hong Kong and Macau will also be present at the ceremony. The 55 km long bridge was to be inaugurated in 2016, but it is being opened this year. This is a major part of China’s Greater Bay Area Plan. The Greater Bay area covers approximately 56,500 sq km of South China; 6.8 million people live in this area and it includes 11 cities, including Hong Kong and Macau. World’s longest sea bridge opens soon.

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Saudi Arabia Bans Israel and Palestine Muslims From Making Hajj to Mecca:Pilgrimage


Israeli Muslim passport holders used Jordan documents to enter Saudi Arabia, where the two most holy cities of Islam are Mecca and Medina.

Saudi Arabia changed its passport rules, after which it banned Muslim Israeli pilgrims to make pilgrimage to Mecca. It has been reported in a report that Riyadh is no longer recognizing the temporary Jordan passport.

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Artificial Intelligence can do wonders- It can tell about Alzheimer’s disease at early stage: Study Suggests

Algorithm could teach itself all the metabolic patterns

New York: Researchers at University of California in San Francisco trained a deep learning algorithm on a specific imaging technology FDG-PET. They collected more than 2100 FDG-PET brain images from 1002 patients. Also, they collected 40 imaging exams from 40 patients independently. Results have shown that the algorithm could easily teach itself metabolic patterns corresponding to Alzheimer’s disease.

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